Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jesus quotes...

I found a very good question over on Mormon Coffee that no one seems to be interested in answering.

On November 3rd, I wrote:

Rick B has asked a very insightful question that (unless I missed it) no one has even attempted to answer.

Rick B asks, If Jesus quotes from the OT and speaks of kings and prophets that span 1,000 of years and different countries, even going so far as to go back before the flood, why does Jesus or the apostles NEVER mention BoM prophets, places, people, stories, or anything for that matter?

You would at least think that all of these people heading off for America would at least be MENTIONED in one of the OT stories, or alluded to by somebody.

So, what about this?

I agree with asking this question. If Jesus quotes prophets from the Old Testament, why didn't He quote prophets mentioned in the Book of Mormon? That seems to be a simple straight-forward question that deserves a real answer.